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The bird dog beholds a secret to success (The Financial Athlete #73)

November 21, 2008

To begin the bird dog stretch, place your hands and knees on the mat, the hands under the shoulders, the knees under the hips. Then raise and fully extend the opposite arm and leg. Be sure to not raise the hip with your leg. Tighten your abs. Keep the spine neutral (flat). The arm feels pulled by a magnet in front of you while the leg feels pulled by a magnet behind you. In this posture, you body simultaneously experiences opposing forces.

Do this exercise regularly to lengthen the back muscles and strengthen the abdominals. On a deeper level, you may gain consciousness of the power of duality of opposing forces.

The mind of an advanced investor maintains consciousness of opposing forces. He is both skeptical and open minded. One eye is set on opportunities, the other on threats. He visualizes the big picture without neglect for details. He considers strengths alongside weaknesses. All of this requires a conscious effort.

In contrast, the mind of the untrained investor veers to one direction and stays the course. Later, he often wonders how he could have been so blind. Only by embracing the opposing forces can he come to more accurately perceive the wholeness of the situation.