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Self-Defense (The Financial Athlete #32)

July 29, 2008

The Shaolin monks’ motive in developing kung fu was self-defense. A martial artist should never drop her guard. Defense is ongoing, even when attacking. For example, hands are up for protection while kicking.

Self-defense does not only involve hand-to-hand or weapon combat. It begins with awareness of surroundings and avoiding areas of trouble. Not succumbing to anger and speaking with a gentle voice can also defuse conflicts.

People study martial arts to exercise, build character and discipline, show off, pursue a spiritual quest, and for sport and self-defense. Of these, the primary reason is self-defense, probably because we live in a crazy world.

Investors would be wise to always maintain a defensive posture. Be picky about what to invest in and how much. Shun penny stocks with low average daily volume of trading (a money trap), stocks of distressed companies, and the purchase of call options. Gambling is not a form of investing.

Most properties and stocks are probably not worth investing in. Be picky about where you put your money.

As a general rule, buy strength at a reasonable price…properties in desirable neighborhoods and companies with a dominant market share or aggressive growth.

(Above picture: Capoera, developed by Brazilian slaves who disguised this martial art as a dance so that their masters would permit it)