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Irie Vibe (The Financial Athlete #37)

August 3, 2008

The Maori haka magnifies unity and motivation for the New Zealand rugby team. This passionate pre-game dance, formerly a pre-war dance, resonates a powerful vibration seemingly able to alter the very forces of nature…well, at least the outcome of the game in their favor.

Atoms emits vibrations. Life forms emit vibrations. Emotions emit vibrations. Sensing these vibrations is not a function of the analytical, left side of the brain, which is most valued in the modern world. In Western culture, we are taught to disregard these vibrations, sometimes to our peril. If we intuitively sense trouble behind a door, we enter anyhow only to our regret later.

Have you ever made a bad investment because the left brain told you “All is good” and yet you ignored an intuitive feeling of an inexplicable dark cloud hovering above this investment?

Now I will reveal a secret to successful investing. Other investors may be too embarrassed to publicly admit this. Being mostly anonymous I feel no shame to confess I tap into vibrations. I fully accept this radical technique as a result of losing a substantial sum because I relied on what would later be revealed to be grossly fraudulent financial statements. I had misgivings about this investment, but these were ignored since they did not stem from analysis.

Recognizing bad vibrations has kept me out of much financial trouble since. If this can help us avoid bad investments, can it also lead us into more auspicious ones? I think so, but tuning into vibrations is only one tool which should be used among others.

When I speak to company executives, preferably in person than by phone, I not only listen to words and how they are spoken, but also sense vibrations. Over the years, I have determined there’s a certain vibration for soft spin and for hype (extreme spin). Those who make no distinction among vibrations may confuse hype with what Jamaicans call “irie vibe,” a truly positive vibration.

When you find a genuine irie vibe in a company, it is easy to get caught up in this vibe and throw your money at them. This too is a mistake. A few years pass by, the irie vibe remains but the company has progressed slowly. Why? The irie vibe you sensed a few years ago was like a first kiss. Remember how exciting you were to get that first kiss? (Hopefully that kiss was only the first step in a long journey of romance.)

The irie vibe must be kept in context with the stage of development of the company. Wait for milestones to materialize before investing. Until then, keep that irie vibe company on your watch list.