Gone fishin’…forever! (The Financial Athlete #140)

Old Joe, a Lousiana Creole, retired in his 40’s, after serving as an enlisted man in the U.S. army for over 20 years. Upon retiring early, he knew he had enough income to live in a simple home and wear simple clothes and drive a simple car. He would spend the rest of his simple life fishing.

When he was in his 70’s I asked him, “Did you ever go back to work for a while after you retired years ago?”

Old Joe replied with a grin, “I sure did. Once. I needed money to buy a new fishin’ boat. As soon as I got enough money I quit that job and bought the boat.”

Old Joe’s life teaches we don’t need luxury to live a life with financial freedom, and once we achieve financial freedom we can slow down and enjoy this short life. Meanwhile, others who experience financial freedom refuse to retire and work beyond age 100. Their lives teach us to continually challenge ourselves with the work of a craft. A craftsman of any kind — be it a doctor or an artist or an athlete or a businessman or an investor — if willing, engages himself in a long process of self-discovery and self-development.

A photographer not only takes pictures, he captures what is.

A writer not only writes stories, he writes his vision.

A painter not only paints the subject matter, he paints what reflects from within.

A sculptor not only sculpts his artwork, he sculpts his soul.
— by Ao (pastmanvibration)


One Response to “Gone fishin’…forever! (The Financial Athlete #140)”

  1. isaac Says:

    How does one afford photography film, cameras, lenses, the processing equipment and process itself without money?
    How does a writer compose his work without ink, a computer (which is a continual drain of money) or paper?
    How does a painter create works of art without canvas, paper, the paints?

    You need money. The end.

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