Energy Flow (The Financial Athlete #134)

An old woman sat squatted before the village gate. A traveler stopped to speak to her, “I am weary from a very long journey. Tell me what are the people like in your village.”

The old woman replied, “Tell me first where you are from and what the people are like from your village?”

“I am from Bukah. The people there are rude and selfish. They lie, cheat, argue, push and shove. It is a very unfriendly place.”

“Well then, you should not enter my village,” said the old woman. “Here the people are rude and selfish, too. They lie and cheat and argue constantly about nothing of importance. They are especially mean to strangers. I sit here alone breathing the dust because they pushed and shoved my frail and old body outside the gate.”

Stunned, the traveler said, “Then this is no place for me! Although I am weary I will continue on in my journey.” And he left without setting foot past the village gate.

Only a few hours later, another traveler stopped to speak to the old woman. “Excuse me. I have traveled a very long journey from my village called Bukah. What are the people like in this village?”

The old woman rubbed the palms of her hands and replied, “First tell me what the people of Bukah are like?”

“The people of Bukah are kind and loving. They are honest and trustworthy and encourage one another. It is a very friendly place. I miss it already.”

The old woman smiled. “Well then, you will love my village. Here, too, the people are kind, loving, honest, and trustworthy.” Now she stood up and hugged the traveler to welcome him just before he happily entered the village gate.


Consciously or unconsciously, you bring energy into every activity. If a competitive athlete in an individual sport is overwhelmed with negative energy, chances are high she will lose the game. Likewise, if an investor is overwhelmed with negative energy, chances are high he will lose on the investment. This simply manifests the Law of Attraction.

Stop and feel the energy within you. Is it negative or positive? Negative energy consists of greed, or anxiety, or cynicism, or anger, or any combination thereof. Positive energy consists of joy, or stillness of mind, or patience, or openness, or any combination thereof.

Beware of excess positive energy. An excess of joy turns into irrational, over exuberance. An excess of openness turns into not thinking for yourself. Under either form of excess, losses are likely to result.

Always bring awareness to the energy you carry within before investing. If the energy is negative, do not invest no matter how sensible the opportunity seems. Positive energy must be in balance and aligned with rational thinking. Only then are you are truly ready to invest.

* The above story I heard in Bali, Indonesia. As usual, I have added my own embellishments, including calling the town “Bukah”, which means open in Indonesian.


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