Patty Cake Tennis, Anyone? (The Financial Athlete #131)

How to play Patty Cake Tennis: Hit the ball to keep it in play. The objective is to maximize hits back and forth without the ball being obstructed by the net or landing outside the boundary lines or double bouncing. Dads like to play this game with the kids. It is sure to come with loads of frolic and giggles small kids learn how to hit on the center of strings — “the sweet spot”.

Caution: Patty cake tennis can be detrimental to your kids’ game once they can consistently hit on the center of strings. The ball is hit too safely with a flat stroke toward the center of court to minimize errors. In competitive tennis, these strokes are easy feeds for aggressive returns and pinpointed placement returns. Therefore, hitting the ball back and forth 500 times without errors ill prepares you against anyone with decent racket skills. Even worse, patty cake tennis encourages the behavior to, above all, avoid mistakes. Without mistakes obtaining mastery is an illusory hope. One can only improve by making mistakes.

Be willing to make mistakes. Learn from them, your own and the mistakes of others, to achieve mastery. Fearing mistakes stifles progress. The greatest of all mistakes is the fear of making one.

A full life is not made of all ups and no downs
It is experienced in cycles of ups and downs

A full life is lived with an open heart and open mind

A rich man cannot afford a full life
A poor man cannot offer it for sell

A full life is lived free of the weight of fear
free of the weight of contempt
and free of the weight of time

— Ao (pastamanvibration)


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