Repetition (The Financial Athlete #118)

for every right move
corresponds thousands of wrong moves

internalize the right move
to forget the thousands of wrong moves

The human body is designed for movement, but some movements can do more harm than good, like twisting and lifting weight simultaneously. The untrained mind does not appreciate the benefit of moving in harmony with nature.

Motor skill development trains the body to move in harmony with body mechanics.  Take for example the Pilates way of doing a crunch.  Tuck chin slightly as though you are holding a pear below your chin. Roll the head forward (from the atlas bone) just before the shoulders lifts off the ground as you exhale and pull in your lower abdomen inward to engage the transversus abdominus and simultaneously upward to engage the pelvic muscles. Then as you crunch up the diaphragm rolls forward and remains so as you return to the start position flat on the floor. Without strain on the back, this strengthens some inner and outer core muscles.

Motor skill development is learned through repetition. Some movements, like the Pilates crunch described above, are easy to learn. Other movements, such as how to bump a volleyball, take much practice to do effectively.

Repetition is the key to internalize principles, including those of successful investing. Think about these principles many times to ingrain them in your mind.

It is possible to fully understand the principles of successful investing and not apply them. This is often because anxiety for gain interferes. Where there is anxiety for gain, there is misjudgment. Being true to form empties anxiety for gain, just as broad daylight empties darkness.  Adhere to  time tested principles and trust for good results to follow.

“Our way is to practice one step at a time, one breath at a time, with no gaining idea.”
–Shunryu Suzuki Roshi (the man who introduced Zen Buddhism to America)


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