Inner Core Strength (The Financial Athlete #117)

“Develop a strong core!” advise personal trainers to everyone including sufferers of low back pain. Then after months of intensive workouts, those coveted “abs of steel” do reflect in the mirror; however, not reflected is the chronic back pain. It is a prevalent myth that a strong rectus abdominis and external and internal obliques are therapeutic to low back pain. While these are “core muscles”, none are connected to the spine. To alleviate low back pain in many cases, personal trainers should tell their clients, “Stabilize from the inside out. Develop a strong INNER core!”

The inner core muscles are made up of the diaphragm, the transverse abdominus, the multifidi, and the pelvic floor. There are specific exercises to strengthen these muscles, which everyone (not just sufferers of low back pain) should do regularly.

On a parallel level, is there such as thing as an inner core quality for mastery of a craft? Yes. The quality of “stillness” (equanimity) is the stabilizing force from the inside out. To have tension now and then is natural, but to hold onto tension is unhealthy, like a muscle forced into constant contraction. Release tension. Be “still” and fear will not set in. Act upon fear, and you will tend to overreact. To overreact to a problem expands the problem. “Stillness” is the state of mind to deal with difficulty.

Much is written on how to succeed. Little is written on how to deal with success. What is the state of mind to properly deal with success? Again, it is “stillness”. Treat success as the natural course of events. Contain your excitement for success but also appreciate it. Do not let flattery take a foothold in your mind or you will lose your “stillness”.

“Lose your stillness and you will fail in everything you do.” — Lieh-Tzu


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