‘Like a Rolling Stone’ by Bob Marley and the Wailers (circa 1966)

A mellow mood reggae cover for Bob Dylan’s classic ‘Like a Rolling Stone’. Lead singers are Bunny Wailer and Bob Marley.


3 Responses to “‘Like a Rolling Stone’ by Bob Marley and the Wailers (circa 1966)”

  1. kofi Says:

    Does anyone know the lyrics to bob marly’s like a rollin stone, the song does not resemble Bob Dylan’s song except the chorus. So if anyone knows the words please e-mail it to me, I am just curious as to what Bob is saying. thanks Kofi

  2. Brian Says:

    In Greil Marcus’ captivating book on the origins and legend of Dylan’s ‘Like a Rolling Stone,’ he reports the Wailers’ lyrics as:

    Nobody told you was to roam on the street
    But that’s what happens when you lie and cheat
    You have no nights and you have no mornings
    Time like scorpion stings without warning.

    How does it feel…

  3. Andy Says:

    It is clearly not Bob Marley who performed the lead on this song – it is Bunny Wailer. This was Bunny’s arrangement and the voice is without a doubt Jah B. Why does everyone continually credit Bob with Bunny’s own ingenius work??

    Can’t you tell by the sentiment of the tune? Iron Sharpeneth Iron!

    Thanks Brian for the lyrics to Bunny’s verse – looks correct

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