Move mountains (The Financial Athlete #114)

Here’s another story taken from Lieh-Tzu

‘The Man who tried to move the Mountains’

A ninety-year-old man lived in a valley surrounded by high mountains.

One day, the old man said to his family, “I’m sick and tired of the long hike to get of this valley. Let’s remove the mountains blocking the way.”

“Great idea!” said is his son and grandson, who liked all the old man’s crazy ideas.

“Stupid idea!” said his wife. “Your old body can’t even move a mole hill. How are you going to move mountains?”

Nothing could discourage the stubborn old man. So on the next day, he and his son and grandson and a neighbor’s seven-year-old boy carried shovels and picks on their backs to head for the mountains. From sunrise to sunset they worked every day until winter.

During one of these hardworking days, a wise man from the village came to talk the old man. He said, “You’re too old to pull up weeds in a garden. How are you going to move a mountain?”

The old fool replied, “Even a seven-year old boy understands I don’t have to finish this project. My son and grandson will continue with it. And if they can’t finish, future generations will continue. We will level this mountain even if it takes hundreds of years.”

The wise man argued no more and left.

Several years passed by and the old man and the others kept on digging. The mountain spirits grew worried. They feared the mountain would be leveled sometime in the distant future. They reported the story to the lords of heaven, who were impressed with the determination and patience of the old man. The very next night the lords of heaven sent two giants to move the mountains, one to the east and other to the south. By morning, everyone in the village was shocked to see the mountains no longer blocked their way out of the valley.


Elite athletes inspire us. In the realm of imagination, they move mountains because they live out our childhood dreams. As adults, we admire them for their determination to harness a gifted, natural ability toward perfection of a craft.

While financial freedom should be the first goal of the investor, the ultimate goal of the investor should be to move mountains. These are not the mountains of the imagination. These are the mountains blocking development in the lives of others. Financial resources enable the investor to be an agent of change to make the world a better place.

Dare to move mountains!

“Each of us comes to life with fists closed, set for aggressiveness & acquisition. But when we abandon life our hands are open; there is nothing on earth that we need, nothing the soul can take with it.”

– Bishop Fulton J. Sheen


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  1. pastamanvibration Says:

    photo of Jack Johnson. Click on link for his boxing record.

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