Hiking for answers (The Financial Athlete #103)

Move your body in nature
rather than be confined in artificial environments
on a treadmill there are no roots of trees and rocks to step upon
on an elliptical machine there are no hills of grass to climb
on a row machine there is no river, sea, or ocean to row on
on a stationary bike there are no wildflowers to pass by

To move in nature does more than exercise the body
nature nourishes the spirit
and renews the mind

Enter nature to feel truly alive


Hiking the fire road above the Arroyo Seco gorge for about 2 miles leads to a short path just past a bridge. At the end of this path, the Arroyo Seco River flows between granite boulders. To the left, the river flows gently. Here the water runs deep in an oval pool. I sat on a flat surface of the boulder alongside the deep side of the river and marveled at this moment of serenity and natural beauty.

I had come as though to visit an Oracle. I was in search of an answer to a big decision concerning on an investment. At this breathtaking spot, all the debating thoughts trafficking through my mind for days suddenly vanished. The stillness of this place now permeated into my mind. Although no audible sound directed me on what to do, the answer “sell” came to me quietly. Oh, the Oracle of nature did not fail me.

(Click here for source of photo.)


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