Move from the center (The Financial Athlete #95)

Sometimes my workouts take a little longer than expected. I let myself get distracted into interesting conversations. During a recent workout at the gym, a sweaty psychologist who is very serious about being fit approached me. “I’m so happy I can run again!” he said with the energy of a spring chicken. “Before my knee would hurt too much to run. Since I’ve learned how to RUN FROM THE CENTER, my knee doesn’t bother me while running. Now I’m once again running 6 miles twice a week.”*

“Yeah, I’m familiar with the concept of MOVE FROM THE CENTER from studying martial arts,” I said. “The body is aligned from head to shoulders to hips to knees to ankles. Power is generated from the body’s center of gravity, just below the naval, to the distal parts of the body (hands, feet, arms and legs).”

“That’s right!” said the psychologist with a wide grin. ” I run with my whole body in a diagonal line, slanted forward. I wish I had known about this a long time ago.”

That short conversation was the highlight of my workout. Not that my workout was boring. I was impressed by how the psychologist’s story illustrates how all physical movement should originate from the center. In fact, I would go further to assert all forms of your movement should originate from the center, not just physical movement.

To move from the center with a business is to revolve the business around customer needs, not the whims and preferences of management.

And to move from the center in the mind is to maintain equanimity, to not be easily swayed by emotions and external forces. It is no coincidence in the Western world, we call this “being centered”.

Investors’ biggest mistakes are often driven by anger or worry or greed or impatience or exuberance. If you are forced to make a quick decision on an investment, reject the offer. All decisions on investing should never be made in haste. Deliberate.

*This is not intended as a prescription for knee pain, for which there are numerous causes. If you suffer from knee pain, consult a doctor.


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