Bob Marley’s “Soul Shakedown Party” (1979 Tuff Gong demo)

What a great morning today. For the first time in my life I heard this Bob Marley demo song. It was on the radio, 88.1 FM in fun, fun, fun Santa Cruz, California. This version has a heavy base, giving the song a much needed groove. It registers high on my funk-a-meter and is far superior to the original studio version of the early Wailers, which I rarely listen to. I absolutely love this demo!

A few years ago my uncle, the intellectual of the extended family who was a huge fan of and expert on Ludwig Van Beethoven, said with authority, “Bob Marley is the Beethoven of Reggae music! No one else in reggae music has ever or will ever compare.” I couldn’t agree more.


12 Responses to “Bob Marley’s “Soul Shakedown Party” (1979 Tuff Gong demo)”

  1. luis Says:

    Very good demo indeed, Sir.

  2. luis Says:

    no , It is the first time I hear it…. very cool !
    thanks mate!

  3. Eugine Says:

    Bob Marley’s music is of great sense, not only to we Africans but even all human race

  4. davan Says:

    bob marley36

  5. davan Says:


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  7. sherry Says:

    i love bob marley! right after my cusin showed me him i loved him ever since. he is awesome, i love his song three little birds. its incredile!

  8. gabrieli Says:

    num entidi oq eles falou

  9. mwas Says:

    Bob Marley is the best reggae musician of all times

  10. mcclay Says:

    been a bob marley fan since i was 7 yrs old

  11. chantal Says:

    The best Music in my heart

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