Sequencing for Safety (The Financial Athlete #80)

“In comic strips, the person on the left always speaks first.” – George Carlin

Squats. Dead lifts. Lunges. These multi-joint motion exercises are the heart of an effective weight training workout for legs.

Fencers lunge to strike an opponent. Ball players lunge to catch a ball. Sprinters thrust themselves into the race from a lunge position. Lunges develop strength in asymmetric positions.

Squatting has a functional role in sports, too. A “ready position” in tennis and basketball is a high squat with heels lifted off the ground to prepare for an explosive movement.

For my weight training, I no longer do lunges and squats with a barbell resting on my shoulders. The extra weight on the spine can cause damage to discs. I do lunges and squats just with body weight or dumbbells. Although I may do dead lifts with a barbell, I am careful to initiate the movement with the legs, hips, and glutes (buttocks muscles), not the lower back.

Before I safely do lunges and squats, I usually do back friendly core stabilization exercises as taught by Stuart McGill (planks, side bridges, isometric abdominal crunches, bird dogs). These are designed for muscular endurance, rather than muscular strength. I’ve eliminated traditional sit-ups and crunches from my workout, as these repetitive forward bends also can cause damage to the discs. This sequence is done to ensure the core is braced during leg strengthening exercises.


Is there a sequence to long-term, successful investing? Yes. It follows the same principle of core stabilization proceeding strengthening exercises. Stabilization keeps you in the game. Sound money management is the stabilization component and investing is the strengthening exercise component. Money management involves setting aside “emergency money” for at least 6 months of expenses, controlling expenditures within 90% of income, and only investing what you can afford to lose. Make no exception to this if you are fully invested in so-called “conservative investments”.

Be mindful of the proper sequence for investing.

The possession of muscular strength and the courage to use it in contests with other men for physical supremacy does not necessarily imply a lack of appreciation for the finer and better things in life.”

– Jack Johnson (boxer)

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One Response to “Sequencing for Safety (The Financial Athlete #80)”

  1. James Burney Says:

    As Athletics goes its clear from the content of your blog that you are on top of you game and your passionate about this sport. Thanks for sharing with me and giving me additional inspiration. I too am in the process of writing about my fav pastime and in this process I am aiming to give some honest reviews of products that are out there in the market, already used for the sport. Thanks James

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