Farewell, “W.”

You won’t be missed. You won’t be forgotten, either. Historians will rank you as the worst U.S. President in history. Then in a decade, revisionists will write books to tell us you really weren’t as awful we believe. Don’t take comfort in the revisionists rescuing your reputation. They write books to make money, not really because they believe you were a “swell” President.

In only 8 years your administration got America into an unnecessary and costly war in Iraq, restricted Americans’ personal liberty with the Patriot Act, tarnished America’s image with “cowboy diplomacy”, doubled the national debt, deepened the economic crisis by failure to rein in the CDS (Credit Default Swap) market, wrecked the Republican party which once stood for fiscal responsibility and smaller government, and….

Quite a resume! No one will ever accuse you of being a do-nothing President.

Dawn Penn in concert sings her classic tune: ‘You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No)’


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