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“Jozu!” (The Financial Athlete #70)

November 14, 2008

A batsman for cricket has to be “jozu” (skilled) with the bat to drive and hook and cut and pull the ball.

I love the sound of the word “jozu” and the importance the Japanese place on its meaning. In Japan “jozu” is heard frequently. Little wonder then Japan is world renown for manufacturing quality products.

To be “jozu” often requires use of a tool. As the tool of a cricket batsman is a bat, an investor’s tool is information. An investor must be selective with his sources of information. It must be current and reliable. Otherwise, it’s like stroking a ball with a cracked bat.

The internet has made information readily accessible. Here are some useful websites for information on stocks. Be mindful of the difference between facts and opinions.


For SEC filings:

For SEDAR filings (Canada):

For definitions:

Check your broker’s website for a stock screener.

OPINIONS worthy to consider:

For research reports:

For news: and

For transcripts of conference calls: