Noise (The Financial Athlete #65)

In a recent tennis game, a passerby who was on the other side of the fence felt I need coaching when the ball hit the net on my serve. He said aloud, “Hit the ball over the net!” I turned my head to see who said this. He was a complete stranger, probably someone who hasn’t hit a tennis ball in decades. Rather than confront the stranger, I ignored the “noise” and moved on with my game.

Noise cannot be controlled, but you can control your reaction to it. Noise is only a nuisance if you listen to it. Accept noise as part of the game. It is like the wind blowing the ball away from you or the bright sun in your eyes when you look up at the ball.

Noise is everywhere.

The business of business media on TV is noise. Message boards for stocks are full of noise in the form of false information, hype, relentless bashing, and non-material information blown out of proportion. . Noise accounts for much of the daily trading.

There is external noise and internal noise. Internal noise are found in counterproductive thoughts. Because internal noise is often accompanied by negative emotions, it is easier to gain a foothold over you than external noise. Recognize the counterproductive thoughts as noise, and let it drift away like a cloud.


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