Just the stats, ma’am! (The Financial Athlete #64)

“Baseball fans are junkies and their heroin is the statistic.” – Robert S. Weider

MLB (Major League Baseball) keeps statistics for everything you can put a number on. Numbers tell the long history of the game; and numbers tell the story of a particular game on a single sheet of paper. No other sport has a deeper appreciation for its history, and this is due in part to its love of statistics.

It is unthinkable for a General Manager of a MLB team to recruit without thoroughly reviewing a player’s individual statistics. It should be unthinkable for you to buy any stock without reviewing the financial data and ratios of the underlying company. These provide information on price history, the composition of ownership, and the financial condition of the company. They are crucial to determine valuation. Fortunately, stock screeners with key statistics can be found on online for free, saving investors a great deal of time.


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