Peace of mind (The Financial Athlete #61)

Much action in sports and investing occurs unseen…within the mind. Unlearn that which tosses your emotional being to and fro. Relearn to steady the mind, the rudder of your being.

Random thoughts about living with peace of mind:

1. A man of laughter who lives in a bungalow is richer than a distressed man who lives in a palace.

2. Life is too short to rush through it.

3. The alchemy of turning a mistake into a gift happens when you accept responsibility for it.

4. Rise above your circumstances or be ruled by them.

5. Action reveals the subconscious mind.

6. A day without surrendering is a day of defeat.

7. Reach a mountaintop through the breath.

8. Be like grass, although cut again and again it never ceases to grow.

9. From the center all senses are sharpened.

10. How to turn work into play: work with passion.


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