Think big even if you’re small (The Financial Athlete #55)

People turn to excuses to not get physically and financially fit: “I’m too old,'” or “I’m not talented,” or “I’m too busy.” Listening to these excuses leads to a stagnant life. Instead, replace an excuse with an empowering but realistic thought: “I’ll climb one step at a time to reach my goal!”

The road to success is rarely wide and straight. Yes, it leads an upward direction but at times is narrow, crooked, and steep — ascending and descending. Don’t let this discourage you. Although the road to success may meander, your learning curve should remain on a steady upward path. Be grateful for the knowledge you’ve acquired over the years (although it may have come at a steep price) and persevere.

It is impossible to simultaneously think big and not persevere. It takes willpower to persevere. Everyone is capable of developing willpower. Better to have willpower with less talent than much talent with little or no willpower.

Be like a tall tree
Reaching for the heavens
and rooted to the earth

Without root in the earth
the wind drifts you away

Without reaching for the heavens
You get stuck in the mud


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