Emotional content (The Financial Athlete #53)

Love the ball wherever it moves
too far or too close
too high or too low
or exactly where you want it to go

Each point offers a fresh ball
Forget the balls of previous play
Only the ball for the point at hand matters

Listen to the ball and become one with it


Stock market investors like to repeat the warning: “Never marry a stock!” This may convey the idea of attachment is deadly. While it’s true strong attachment to an asset has no benefit, it’s untrue to think all attachment is detrimental to performance. With attachment to a process absent, there can be no passion. Where there is no passion complacency fills the void. Where there is complacency poor performance abides.

Love the process of investing with the passion a child has for her favorite toys. Passion brings wonder. There is wonder in learning new skills and honing old skills. Passion for process breeds a youthful energy and enhances interest in both the “big picture” and the details. In time, you will be pleased to find your skills considerably developed.


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