Letter to U.S. Senators regarding Paulson’s bailout plan

  • First, Hank Paulson denied there was a huge, financial problem.
  • Then he said it was contained.
  • Now he says we need to act very quickly or suffer enormous consequences.
  • This so-called financial expert is dead wrong again, this time with a plan to benefit careless bankers at the cost of $700 billion to cash-strapped taxpayers.
  • Please do not approve the Paulson bailout plan! We cannot afford it without printing too much money. For a brief history on the dire consequences of printing too much money look at Zimbabwe of today or Germany in the 1920’s.
  • Paulson’s medicine is worse than the disease. Please take time to deliberate on this matter affecting generations of Americans and consider alternative plans, such as following the successful Swedish model explained here.

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2 Responses to “Letter to U.S. Senators regarding Paulson’s bailout plan”

  1. pastamanvibration Says:

    A good read: “How bad is this debt?”

  2. pastamanvibration Says:

    Chinese official calls bailout “fast food.”

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