An introduction (The Financial Athlete)

Learning a profound principle on an intellectual level, although appreciated and understood, often is not internalized. How then can we internalize a principle? We can internalize it through intense emotional content, but emotions such as anger and distress are too high a price to pay.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to suffer to internalize a principle in the mind. A principle can be learned first kinetically (through movement of the body). To learn kinetically, the body internalizes a principle more readily than when the principle is introduced directly to the mind. When the body learns a principle, it is always from direct experience. Whereas when the mind is told the same by written word or a verbal message, the experience is indirect. Direct experiences are much easier to internalize than indirect experiences.

Now because the body and mind are integrated, relevant principles the body learned and internalized from the movement of the body becomes internalized in the mind without great effort or anguish. These internalized principles are transferable to other activities of the mind such as investing.

This book compiles lessons and principles I have learned from movement of the body in martial arts, yoga, tennis, and other sports and applied to investing and life itself. It is a journal of my inward journey of investing. The content of this book is not intended as investment advise. Use this book as a reference. Take what is useful and meaningful to you. Review what seems useless at a later time.

This journey began with two questions. The first question is…What is investing? Obviously, the purpose of investing is to produce a return. Most of us associate investing entirely with money, but people invest more than just money. Time, energy, and knowledge are also invested for both quantitative and qualitative returns. We all know money by itself yields an awful return on investing in relationships and health. In wanting the best for our children, we nurture them with love and education. In wanting health, we eat nutritious meals and exercise regularly. In wanting intimacy, we share ourselves deeply. In this broad sense, all of us are investors.

The second question is…Why invest? To invest just to become extremely rich financially is to focus on the finger pointing at the sky and not the glorious sky. It is a game of showmanship which says to the world, “Look at what I have amassed!” Instead, invest to live a full life free from worry of money and for personal growth and self-discovery and for the sheer fun of it.



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