Too lazy to stretch? (The Financial Athlete #31)

Stretching properly not only prevents injuries, it enhances game performance.

My stretching routine begins with dynamic stretches before a sports activity. This warms up my muscles. Then I do static stretches after the sports activity. The point of stretching is to relax the muscles. However, stretching alone may not relax the muscles. The mind must be calm for the body to relax. Calm mind…calm body. Calm the mind through meditation or breathing exercises. Thus, meditation and breathing exercises can be viewed as stretches for the mind.

People skip stretching because it’s boring for them or they think they have no time for it, only to pay the price with physical pain later. Likewise, many investors skip due diligence for the same excuses, only to pay an emotional toll of anger, worry, and regret later.

Investing without doing due diligence is like playing a rigorous sport with muscle tensions and spasms. As silly as this sounds, this is precisely how many go about investing. It’s the easy and fun way, until the losses start rolling in. Practice proper due diligence, which is the heart of investing.


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