In the head of Kurt Cobain

A more apt name for the memorable 2006 documentary clumsily titled “Kurt Cobain, About a Son” would have been “In the head of Kurt Cobain.” This brilliant documentary is narrated by Cobain himself, taken from over 25 hours of journalist MIchael Azerrad’s audiotaped interviews.

Fourteen years after his demise, enough time has elapsed to safely say he was the most gifted rock star of his (and my) generation. Like Vincent Van Gogh, Cobain drew upon a wide range of emotions including joy, melancholia and anger as a source of inspiration and insight. And like Van Gogh, I hope Cobain will be remembered much more for his art expressed with intense feeling rather than his suicide.

If the alien pods in the 1956 cult classic horror film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, are a metaphor for conformity to society, then the non-conformist Cobain stood out as the iconic holdout against them. I wish more of us were as bold.

Cobain’s short life should remind us conscious living is not just about peace and love. It’s also about being disgusted with corruption, exploitation, and conformity to the point of eradication of individuality.

“The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.”– Kurt Cobain


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