Al Gore, the perfect candidate for Vice President

Al Gore is the perfect compliment to Barack Obama. Few question Obama’s competence, but his lack of experience is undeniable. Al Gore fills the gap with 8 years of experience as a proactive Vice President.

Some fear a President Obama would go tax crazy and social spending will skyrocket, worsening the federal deficit. Al Gore was the Clinton Administration’s spendthrift, decreasing the size of the federal government. Under his urging and that of Leon Panetta, the Clinton Administration made fiscal responsibility a national priority.

Obama’s incessant cry is for change, but is his charisma magnetic enough to stir America to remain firmly committed to fundamental change? That’s too much to ask of anyone. Gore would offset some of the pressure of high expectations resting on the lonely shoulders of Obama.

Al Gore is also the champion of the environment and is respected internationally. With Al Gore as Vice President, America could regain its international prestige lost so precipitously under the incompetent Bush Administration. One key lesson from the Bush Administration is that a President is only good (or bad) as the people he surrounds himself with in his administration. Obama would be wise to choose a Vice President with high stature, without worry of being occasionally overshadowed by him.

Al Gore is the obvious first choice for candidate for Vice President, but would he accept? I’m now inclined to believe he would. Al Gore must turn a new page in building his legacy and he’s passionate about stewardship of the environment. More books and films will not do the trick. He must hold a seat of power, where he can be a force for monumental change.


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One Response to “Al Gore, the perfect candidate for Vice President”

  1. lojah Says:

    Al Gore will not accept a VP slot. He will only accept an appointed position in the Obama regime. The reason? Gore will not debate global warming or the lies he perpetuated in his docufiction.

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