Now is not enough (Financial Athlete #12)

During game time your mind must be fully present to maximize performance. Leave your personal problems behind when you set foot on the field or court. The thrill of sports can only be experienced by living fully in the present. Perhaps sports are so loved because it is one of the few activities in the day when we fully live in the present.

Off the court or field if you aspire to be an elite athlete or investor, now is not enough. Visualize who you want to be become. Holding fast onto this mental image will motivate you to practice or study with more intensity and duration. Success begins in the mind. A conscious exercise of mental imaging of whom you desire to become permeates into the life-changing subconscious mind.

Great players and investors are created by design, not by chance. Albert Einstein famously said, “Imagination is greater than knowledge.” Through imagination, we create. Through knowledge we refine our creations.


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