Bye-bye allergies

Here’s how I got rid of 90% of my allergic reactions to grass, pollen, and dust mites without taking allergy pills. Of course, there’s a catch…nothing less than a change of lifestyle! This has to be done virtually everyday because it’s not a cure. Once off the regimen, the allergy symptoms reappear.

1. Drink about a gallon of spring water per day. (I buy WholeFoods’ 365).

2. Sweat profusely from running, or hot yoga, or sauna. Sweat to release toxins.

3. Lift weights for muscle toning, or hike up a hill/mountain, or walk a few miles or swim. (Do exercise only to the level your doctor would recommend.)

4. Eliminate from your diet all or most ‘fake foods’ (processed foods). Eat more fruits and vegetables, preferably organic.

5. Manage stress. I take a capsule of 50 mg of B-Vitamins when stress is elevated.

6. And here’s the real kicker…Load up on antioxidants from a variety of food sources.

a) Breakfast: freshly squeezed orange juice and a minimum of 72% dark chocolate to go along with main meal usually something with protein like eggs.
b) Snacks throughout the day: blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and especially GOJI berries.
c) 2-3 cups of organic green tea or yerba mate or rooibos tea from BULK and quality spring water per day including lunch.
d) A glass of red wine with dinner. If you don’t drink alcoholic beverages, then substitute a pill of grape seed extract. The point is to try to include antioxidants with every meal.

It takes discipline to do this, but habits form in about 28 days. It took me about 3 months to see dramatic results. This is the first springtime in my life I can remember without suffering from allergies.

If you try this, please report back on your results.

FAKE ADVERTISEMENT (for goji berries):

Goji berries…You GOJI, girl!


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2 Responses to “Bye-bye allergies”

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