California smokers to be evicted for smoking in rental homes?

Today, the California Senate Judiciary Committee will consider Senator Alex Padilla’s bill to explicitly allow owners of rental housing the option to ban smoking on all or a portion of their property.

Padilla’s concern is second-hand smoke, estimated to kill 38,000 Americans per year. “We share the same walls, the same ventilation units,” he says. (The Los Angeles Democrat lives in an apartment too?)

Currently, California landlords are being sued by smokers opposed to their non-smoking rules and by non-smokers for not setting non-smoking rules.

Some critics who are empathetic for the poor contend the bill, if made into law, would cause a huge wave of homeless smokers and their families. Other critics eager to protect the health of their fellow Californians say the bill is too soft and call for the ban of smoking on all apartment complexes.

I say Padilla’s bill is the common sense solution to the problem. Whose property is it anyway? The landlord should have the right to ban or allow smoking anywhere on his property. If tenants don’t like it, they should rent elsewhere. Trust in the free market forces to clear the way for an adequate supply of rental units for smokers.


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