War for dummies

A friend once told me, “War resides in human nature. War comes as natural as breathing to mankind. On the onset of war, people grow excited to join to kill the monotony of everyday life. War empowers them with the feeling of being very much alive. Mankind finds no glory in farm work, factory work, or work in the service sector, especially with petty compensation. Since ancient times, virtually all the mythological heroes were warriors, and war was the only means to feel connected to them. History books highlight wars. Peace times are glossed over. War will always have a central place in the hearts of men.”

Indeed, we live in a crazy world. I am not one to advocate dismantling a powerful American defense, which includes deterrence with nuclear weapons. Liberty must be protected with a feared military defense. However, this notion of a preemptive war strikes a dangerous chord and crosses the boundary of a legitimate defense. If there is a lesson learned from the Iraqi War, I hope it’s the realization of the insanity of a preemptive war strategy.

For an interesting and recent editorial piece on the insanity of war, read Paul C. Campos’s Warrior envy, mass psychosis and McCain.


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