Don’t cry over spilt raw milk

Much of what I was about to write about raw milk has already been said here, so I’ll add just a few things.

M.L. Johnson writes: Pasteurization should not affect milk’s taste, texture or nutritional content, aside from a slight loss of vitamin C, said Robert Bradley, a University of Wisconsin-Madison professor who has worked in food science for 44 years. However, the process can destroy proteins and enzymes that help the body absorb vitamins and digest lactose, said Michelle Babb, a registered dietitian who teaches at Bastyr University in Kenmore, Wash. High heat also can damage water-soluble B vitamins, she said.

Where I think the raw milk lovers have got it right is cream on top, organic milk from grass fed cows. Cream on top milk tastes better. Organic is safer. Dairy (and beef) products from grass-fed cows is more nutritious. Farmers should market it as such. Why put people’s health at risk and worry about a high probability of litigation by not pasteurizing? To misquote Peter Tosh: Pasteurize it. Don’t criticize it, and I will advertise it.


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