Don’t let Pharmas fool ya with their aggressive television advertising blitz. Their strategy to increase the bottom line: convince healthy people to buy old drugs for “symptoms” they really never had noticed before or shouldn’t worry about. The ads clearly exploit people’s anxieties and insecurities.

GlaxoSmithKline’s commercial for RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome) runs more like a Saturday Night Live skit. We’re to believe millions are suffering from this — to quote Justin Rohrlich — “extremely rare condition discovered in 1945 by Swedish doctor Karl Ekborn.” Who ever heard of RLS before this ad was broadcast?

It’s not just harmless symptoms they make out to be disastrous, they also target normal behavior like teen rebelliousness, now dubbed by a pharma as “ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder)”.

TV ads for pharmaceuticals often give the illusion you will enter a Jehovah Witness artist’s rendition of paradise only by swallowing the pills, scenes of happy people strolling in a beautiful nature setting. Calm and almost hypnotic music downplays the warnings of serious side effects, which can cause a very real hellish experience. Indeed, a sharp contrast to the serene images of paradise subtilely suggested.

Advertising for smoking is banned for good reason. Adversting for prescriptions should be banned as well. Let the medical doctors dispense drugs without undue influence from the marketers.


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One Response to “PharmaSCANDALcals”

  1. ViewsAskew Says:

    People did hear about it. For hundreds of years. It isn’t rare now, and wasn’t rare then. It’s just that no one knew what it was, doctors didn’t know how to treat it, and in the scheme of survival, it was low on the totem-pole. Since you can get relief by moving, you just walk a lot at night. Like my grandmother did, long before commercials and pharma got involved.

    I won’t argue that pharma shouldn’t be advertising. And some people are sure that everything they hear about it a problem for them. But a good doctor should easily handle that. No one should even get a script for something they don’t need – that’s the doctor’s responsibility.

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