Unhealthy “health food nuts”

An apple a day won’t keep the doctor away. Even an organic apple won’t do! Some vegans, raw foodists, macrobiotics, food allergy elimination enthusiasts, and vegetarians are learning this the hard way through debilitating health.

What begins as a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious food can turn into an eating disorder called orthorexia. While the anorexia and bulimia sufferer fails to eat enough food or is in the habit of vomiting, the orthorexia sufferer is obsessed with the quality of food. Junk food, artificial ingredients, trans fats, and high fructose corn syrup never reach anywhere near their lips.

Sadly, the obsession for “pure” food often deepens to an extreme, leading to a too strict diet. A puritanical witch hunt for ingredients plays out in the mind of the orthorexia sufferer when reading labels and preparing foods. Lost is the most fundamental principal of healthy eating: a balanced diet.

For more on orthorexia read Health Food Junkies by Steven Bratman, M.D., who coined the term for this eating disorder he had suffered. Can’t trust a medical doctor who may prescribe “unnatural meds”? Then consider what this inquisitive cyclist has to say on the matter (and yes, I know it’s satire).


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4 Responses to “Unhealthy “health food nuts””

  1. alifelesssimple Says:

    That’s really interesting, I’d not heard of it before. Has the book been out long?

  2. messengerofdoom Says:

    you clearly are incapable of comprehending satire.

  3. pastamanvibration Says:

    Messengerofdoom, I thought that post was hilarious. And I did read your prior post on vegan cyclists which shows respect to them. If you want me to remove your link I will.

    To be sure all are clear it’s satire, I’ve edited the post…saying it is.

  4. Messenger of Doom Says:

    Sorry – I thought you thought I was being serious!

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