Was Eliot Spitzer framed?

Eliot Spitzer had plenty of enemies…powerful and rich enemies. Enemies in American politics and Wall Street. Was he really client #9 or client #1? In other words, for him to be “client #1” the motivation to bust the prostitution ring may have been nailing Spitzer, not the prostitution biz.

I heard much commentary in the press on the Eliot Spitzer scandal, but no one who raised this probing question? Did the press intentionally omit or overlook what would be the real meat of the story?

Had this scandal not come about, Eliot Spitzer stood a good chance of becoming the next U.S. Attorney General under a Democratic administration. Given his record as Attorney General for the state of New York, America would have witnessed the toughest U.S. Attorney General since Robert Kennedy.

Shame and scandal. It’s just another day in Babylon.


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