Ronald Reagan’s best idea

…the Balanced Budget Amendment. This is the missing piece of Reaganomics. Historians would have hailed Reaganomics had it passed. Instead, America inherited a near endless stream of federal spending financed by mountains of debt. Forget about Congress reigning in on spending. Spending, not cutting costs, is in their D.N.A. Their concern lies on budget priorities, not economic prudence.

Fiscal responsibility once was a cornerstone of conservatism. As a concept today it is in decay, much like the ancient ruins of Athens. In the first decade of the 21st century the voices of the neo-cons, theo-cons, corporate lobbyists, and the spendthrifts have drowned out those few remaining calling for fiscal discipline.

In this culture of debt we have chosen to ignore fiscal responsibility to the peril of future generations.

The Gross National Debt


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